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HOME/CARE is a new interactive work-in-progress, designed by Coney and inspired by the Bureau Local's investigation into the care crisis. It's about the challenges within the care system, focused on the provision of care-at-home during COVID-19. The piece was first presented as a 'scratch' to a virtual audience in July 2021. 

Through a series of solo and 2-player activities that can be played virtually and within your own home, we’ll explore the gaps in different decision-making logics, dilemmas and consequences that play out across the care system. The activity will encourage participants to reflect on the perspectives of those who receive care at home and care workers, right up to the choices of staff in care agencies and local government.

This piece is created thanks to funding from Research England's Higher Education Innovation Fund at City, University of London.

Written & directed by Rhianna Ilube. Game & narrative development by Cesía León-Alvarez, Chloe Mashiter, Ilhan Yonis and Tassos Stevens. Produced by Coney.

The next development stage of this project will be confirmed later in 2021.



"Powerful experience. Game-changing potential to become a communication channel. Really worth following if you want to explore how will be the “post-media” media."

"I thought the experiential nature of the game was so powerful to get the message about social care across."

"It feels quite empowering just to share these stories about care. The more we talk about them and talk about the experiences, the more we can keep it on the agenda. The underfunding of care is an absolute scandal and we should never stop banging on about it until it changes."

"I was struck by the different ‘voices’ it was sometimes written in - sometimes talking formally and factually, sometimes kind of jargon-y, sometimes just going ‘wtf?’, capturing different perspectives and aspects"

"This is brilliant - kudos to all of those who have taken our journalism and developed it into such powerful creative work."

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