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"We are coming to the end of lockdown 3.0. Hair salons have been closed since the 18 December 2020. For many black women, the salon is more than a place to simply get their hair done. It is a space of joy, refuge, and community. A great deal of trust is placed in a hairdresser, who can often quickly tell the mood and wellbeing of her clients from the moment she touches their hair. Co-created by hair stylist June Forbes and writer Rhianna Ilube, this intimate performance weaves in true stories from inside June's salon over the past 30 years. Inspired by the history and unique dramas of the Black British hair salon, this pop-up salon is open to all. Join us for a space to reflect on what your hair means to you, and us, within the context of touch, trust and intimacy over lockdown."

Performed for the first time at the UCL Petrie Museum for the Festival of Intimacy in May 2021.

Co-created by Rhianna Ilube, June Forbes and Selma Ilube.

Photography by Melissa Kocacinar.



"I enjoyed the intimacy. I loved the conversations it generated. It was thought provoking. It was liberating to watch this show after lockdown and have time to reflect on my journey. I wouldn’t have cut my hair completely off if lockdown hadn’t had happened."

"Fantastic show and really enjoyed the immersive intimate experience and great venue too!"

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